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HawksCool will give you the foundation tools and capabilities for speedy and cost effective streamlining the way the management interact with the college community and how the information is managed.

HawksCool education system set the stage for measurable improvements in day-to-day processes, cross-departmental collaboration and provides significant increase in employee’s efficiency.

Grow and change your academic institution

With the help of HawksCool software, your institute will grow and transform in an efficient way. HawksCool will help you gain deeper insight into facilities and asset management, admissions and enrolment, recruiting and staffing, corporate and alumni relations, student and teacher overall performance. Management can use this insight to adjust business enterprise processes and to modernize legacy system to assist in reduced costs and increased productivity for greater measurement and outcomes.

Solutions provided by HawksCool will provide the flexibility of deployment options like on-premises or in our cloud to transform for the future.

ERP Software Solutions

HawksCool ERP is easily the most comprehensive administration automation suite for any kind of educational institution, day school, residential school, college, professional college or university. With an unmatched range of features, HawksCool ERP has pretty much redefined the product space and is currently in use at many institutions), universities, international schools, day and residential schools and colleges. With its massive user base and sheer diversity of requirements, HawksCool ERP is constantly growing, pushing the envelope in terms of features and support for different operational models. HawksCool ERP is multi-user, scalable, highly secure and extremely user-friendly. The comprehensive feature set covers all the basic administrative requirements of any educationalinstitution, such as student profiles, fee management, exams management etc., comprehensive inventory, payroll and financial accounting, time tabling, integrated email, among others.

WHY HawksCool ERP:

Time saving

Man Power Reduction

All Receipt (Fee, Due, ID) & any Report Generated any Time

Attendance/Fee/Library Benefit

All Kind Report can Generated daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually all Departments from anywhere in world

Money Saving

SMS and E-mail Alerts for every events

Low Cost of Ownership

High Level Data Security

All Information Alert by SMS

Auto Generation All dynamic Reports

Online Result Declaration

Single Point School Management Software.

Zero redundancy in managing the entire institutions records

Complete online functionality leaving nothing unturned to bring it as an effective management system

Save man hrs and money in lots of communication aspects with automation

Single software handing everything saves a lots of investment in different software and management issues

Things like HTML enhanced e-mail system on institutes web site act as an effective brand building tool.

Effective Communication Teacher, Parents, Students & Management

Benefits to teachers

Better organization of activities

Multiple campus management

omplete automation of all operations

Computerized management of marks and gradess




Powerful, user-friendly and open source educational institution management software developed on Java which is most secured language. HawksCool is a cross-functional enterprise system driven by an integrated suite of software modules that supports the basic internal processes of an educational entity. It gives an integrated real-time view of its core processes such as admission, student details, finance, and HR tied together by HawksCool applications software and a common database maintained by database management systems. HawksCool systems track resources (such as attendance, student record, timetable etc) and the status of commitments made by the entity, no matter which department (HR, finance, admin, and so on) has entered the data into the system. HawksCool facilitates information flow between all functions inside the organization, and manages connections to outside stakeholders.

HawksCool partner program

For software vendors and consultants who are interested to distribute Hawkscool Pro Services

Estimation shows that there are more than 200 million schools all over the world and if we go into more detailed figures, it comes to one school in every square kilometer. This definitely points out the urgent need for innovation to spread wide and Fedena offers its partners excellent opportunity to flourish in this highly potential market.
Hawkscool open source school ERP software is completely committed to its partners because it knows the urgency for good school ERP solutions. The market is predominantly occupied by two types of competitors- the one who just sells and then disappears from the scene, without after-sale support,the other kind that offers you excellent solutions, on the other hand, will surely burn pockets, sometimes charging amount which is unbearable for the school.
Here, Hawkscool assures the best solutions at the best affordable prices through partner program that stands for high potential and low risk. As a partner of Fedena, you can avail any of the partnership program, that suits your values and goals:

Channel Partners

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Free Partner Kit
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Business development fund

Features For Teacher

Use robust details cube for insightful trendanalysis

Get a comprehensive view of each and every student and streamline the administration of documents and procedures with HawksCool. Cut down your administrative workload and get insights into university capacity to help you to provide to the students in a better way.
Make the most of real-time visibility into student data and classroom or school efficiency to proactively address potential difficulties before they come to become problems.

Get your students 360 view

Have access to complete student’s information which includesattendance, curriculum,discipline and extracurricular pursuits commonly at hand to make sure that you may respond speedily when mothers and fathers or other get hold of you.

Improve your work, and evaluate success

With HawksCool mobile application app, you can mark attendance from mobile. It can be time saving and lowers annual price of registers. It really is uncomplicated to manage than registers.
After marking attendance on your mobile, data is automatically synchronized to the server and can be viewed instantly.

Features For Students

Give an Edge to your education and learning

HawksCool gives students an accurate route to walk on. Students can focus on their studies in a very far better way than ever before. They can be up-to-date with their assignments grades and results.

Timely benefits enable students to improve their abilities and make them much more productive.

Stay Connected

Access your performance reports,assignments, attendance, timetable, tests from any web enabled device anywhere anytime.

Enhance your performance everyday

The rich user interface practical experience of HawksCool ERP gives your student an entry to information and the proper facts. Once your students get their fingers on information certain for their day-to-day task, they can be much more productive.

What makes it a lot better would be the proven fact that HawksCool ERP streamlines scholar information including attendance, assignment, studies in a very single interface so your scholar can assess their insight record and grow to be extra economical even quicker.

Features For Staff

Meet up with enrolment and staffing objectives.

Faculties are the indispensable portion of any educational institution. For this reason, it’s important to take care of them by making their work effortless. HawksCool Staff Login Module makes a personalised place for those personnel where they might control their work additional successfully as well as simply.

Staff module will help institute to control many of the information related with the staff such as workers particulars, staff profile information. Personnel people today contain HR, librarian, assistant, peons, admin, management and so forth, employees working specifics for example attendance, schedule, meetings, grades, wage specifics and so on., It deliver unified view of workforce occupational and financial facts to administration or for the human useful resource to obtain apparent understanding in the team.

HawksCool inbuilt features like leaves , payroll etc. assists in increasing efficiency of school staff members by automating and streamline all of the procedure. It facilitates workers to take more time and endeavours in strategic issues and instructing students than to hold out tedious admin function. In addition it eliminates ambiguity and duplication of work process and cuts down backwards and forwards flipping of papers which in the long run bring about effective team overall performance.

Along with the assistance of HawksCool, staff can view their personal profile, can make an application for leave, and see their pay slip as well as entry school calendar from dashboard.




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